Because we can help you find them. Lead Scoring lets you track engagement and get notified when leads are heating up.
Find your hottest leads

What if you had one number that told you exactly which leads to follow up with? Lead Scoring lets you know when leads are heating up – and trigger follow-ups based on their actions. Now we’ve made it even more powerful.

What else can you do with Scoring?

Assign scores to contacts or deals

Score individual contacts to measure how engaged they are, or attach a score to a deal so you know how likely that deal is to close.

Score everything you

Offer multiple products or services? Set up multiple lead scores, so you can track interest for each of your offerings individually.


Adjust a score based on anything

We let you adjust lead scores based on almost any action, so you can choose the scoring rules that make sense for your business.

Reset to Zero

Reset scores to 0 (or any other number) when old leads re-engage, so you can send them back through your workflows and begin scoring anew.

Scoring is available starting on our Plus plan. Learn more about our pricing here.

We’re always listening to learn how we can help you get more done and grow your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

- The ActiveCampaign Team


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